Integrating Veterans into the Workplace

“Integrating Veterans into the Workplace,” is a panel discussion/workshop designed for employers/human resource managers.  The purpose is to gain an understanding of some of the challenges veterans face and discuss strategies for supporting and retaining them.

Featuring local panelists, and with the support of the Missouri Division of Workforce Development, I moderated the first seminar in Springfield, MO on February 9, 2016.  Forty-eight executives attended the event.

The first video is a nine-minute, edited summary of the event, that provides an overview of the sort of topics that we discussed.

Summary Video (approx. 9 min)

I moderated a similar discussion in Joplin, MO on April 27 (Full video is here).  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  The Missouri Division of Workforce Development is considering using this discussion as a model for others in cities throughout Missouri! Officials from the State of Oklahoma have also expressed interest in presenting it in that state.

The entire clip is almost two hours, but there was some great discussion – if you happen to be an employer or human resource professional interested in learning how to relate to and retain veterans as employees, watch the whole thing!