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Yancy Caruthers is an Iraq war veteran, registered nurse, retired Army Reserve officer, and former U.S. diplomat.   He is the author of Northwest of Eden, a memoir of his second deployment as the second-in-command of an Army emergency room in the heart of Anbar province.  He lives with his family in southwest Missouri.

In addition to an appearance in Soldier of Fortune magazine, he’s also written for Yahoo! News and is the recipient of a Yahoo! Spotlight Award.  Other works appear in Warrior Heart Magazine, Microhorror, Ascent Aspirations, and Every Day Fiction, and somewhere out there are some medical brochures he ghost-wrote, describing diseases you never want to get.

Yancy is currently working on “Medic!,” a series of true stories about combat medics in each of the living wars.  They will be released separately as e-books  and eventually combined under one cover, assuming the author doesn’t get distracted.

Yancy is available for interviews or guest blogging.

5 comments on “About Me

  1. Please send me your email address and phone numbers. Current guidance from the Company, NSA, SOCom, MARSOC prohibit Twitter etc accounts.

    I have some activities that will get you out of the house. They do not pay much but every thing you do is tax deductible. Oh yeah, and lots of fun.


  2. Greetings Yancy!!! I would love to set up an interview with you for Bill Martinez Live TUES. FEB. 9TH at 10:47 AM ET-12 minutes-that ok??

  3. Your narrative in “Eden ” is a prudent, discerning, accurate account that was so very much enjoyed and appreciated – loved the style of writing as well as the humor! I hope you will provide the pleasure of a sequel! Best wishes in your future endeavors . . . Having retired from a Level One Trauma Center in Peoria, IL, your observations and experiences are indeed excellent!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I do hope you will consider leaving a review on Amazon if you haven’t already.

      Sometime this summer, I plan to release “Medic!” a collection of six stories of real Army medics from each of the living wars.

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