Medic! Part 1: World War II released!

June was an exciting month!

My family headed to The Bahamas for a month, and I intended to celebrate my geographic bachelorhood by cleaning out the garage and completing some projects that had grown rather stale on my to-do list.  Instead, on the day before they flew out, I was stricken with another attack of kidney stones.  I’m no stranger to this over the past several years, as I had them while serving in Iraq, so if you’ve read Northwest of Eden, you might remember a brief chapter about it.  I know I do.

So after one surgery and another on the schedule for July, I’m slowly recovering, but all of my June projects have been moved back to July.  At least the strenuous ones that normally involve heavy lifting and power tools.

As far as writing goes, this is going to be a dynamic summer.  I rounded out a publicity campaign with OCASO Media, and I have to say that Bill McIntosh delivered in spades.  I did several interviews on syndicated and web talk-radio, including terrestrial shows out of Minneapolis, Denver, and Boston.  Bill was even able to deliver an interview on Newsmax TV!  You can watch it here.

The biggest news, though, is the release of Medic! Part 1: World War II – it’s the story of Henry, who through an elaborate ruse, enlisted in the Army at age 15 and found himself at Normandy on D-Day.  The real Henry is alive and well and lives not far from me, so hearing his stories is just amazing.  Part 1 is an exciting release not just because of the story – it finally adds some continuity to the series.  As my long time fans know, I released Part 4 in April of 2015, followed by parts 5, 2, and 3.  Since each story can be read separately, I didn’t think the order made any difference, but that was a mistake.  Do not despair, fair reader, because all is right again.  Part 1-5 are out, and I am currently working on Part 6, the Afghanistan chapter.  It features Chris, who is not old enough to remember much about 9/11, yet he served as an adult in the war that followed.

I hope you will check out Medic! Part 1: World War II.  It’s a great story packed into a short read, so it’s available for the Amazon Kindle for just 99c.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download an app that will let you read it right from your desktop.  Just click on the cover and it will open a link to the book’s Amazon page.

Medic1_Front Cover_Final


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