Author Interview: Sheree “Tiger” Evans

I know I’ve said this before, but one of the neatest things about being a military author is the other authors I meet.  We aren’t competition, because readers who like the genre read more than one book!

Today, I am interviewing Sheree “Tiger” Evans, the author of By the Grace of God, a Promise Kept.  Sheree, tell me a little about the book and why you came to write it.

My husband, Edward Tommy Evans, died of Glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.  He was exposed to Agent Orange while he served with the USMC in Vietnam, but this type of cancer was not on the list of presumptive conditions, meaning that the disease is not assumed to be connected to Agent Orange exposure.  Before Tommy died in 2003, he made me promise I would continue to fight to have glioblastoma added to the list.

As his widow, I did just that – I went to a service officers in Mt Vernon and Springfield, but both told me that more research was needed, and that I should go home and mourn my husband.  I refused to give up, and after an 8-year legal battle, I finally won my case.

So you had kept your promise to your husband, but what happened next?

It made local news, and shortly thereafter many others with the same condition contacted me, saying that my case helped them open the doors to their claims.  I’ve met new friends, and so many people who have provided encouragement, even as I face health problems of my own.  More journalists wrote about Agent Orange, and the issue is still being talked about.

What would you tell people who are suffering from these conditions?

I’d let them know that there are those of out there who won’t abandon them – not just the veteran, but the spouses and caregivers, too.

Sheree’s book is available on Amazon.  Check it out.

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