Author Interview: Curtis Bennett

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Curtis Bennett.  He’s from Philly, although he lives in Florida now.  He’s a Desert Storm Veteran, college grad, columnist, writer, and national talk radio cohost.  I found him on Twitter, and something intrigued me about this man.  I reviewed his writing work, which is all over the map – social issues, history, even romance.  I don’t agree with every part of his message, but this man writes what he feels passionate about – this is a guy who is real and at face value.  I am honored to post about him today.

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YC:  Mr. Bennett, your profile says that you are a veteran of the Gulf War.  Could you tell us about your military service?

CB: I served aboard the USS Nimitz in Supply and Naval Intelligence from 1978 through 1980.  I returned to the Nimitz as ship’s air wing (Squadron VS-24) in 1983.  I served during the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979-1980, the TWA Hijacking, and the Gulf War (Desert Shield/Desert Storm).  I left the Navy in 1992.

YC:  That was a different time, when so much was going on that shaped the world we live in today.  Thank you for your service. You’ve engaged in several endeavors since that time, including a role as a radio talk-show host. How does this reflect who you are?

CB:  I have had an opportunity to use radio as a platform for my political message and in spreading truth.

YC: I see that you have written books about a variety of topics.  Were you just testing the waters?  Or is this a larger reflection of you you are?

CB: I began writing because some of the books I had read were not all that interesting, and I knew I had better stories to tell.  My three political books came about because I felt there was a need for information no longer taught in our schools to finally resurface.  My romance novels came about because of my interest in interpersonal relationships.  My human interest stories came about from my work experience in the field of Child Protective Services.

The Will Of America AS Cover Beyond The Founding Fathers' Vision Cover

YC:  What sort of projects are you working on now?  What’s on deck?

CB:  I am working on bringing Niger Innis and MLK’s niece, Alveda King to our area to speak in February. Am also working on a new book. I have a video that should be up on YouTube before Christmas.

YC:  FYI all, Niger Innis is the National Spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality, and a TV personality.  Thank you again sir, for your military service, and for your continued service.

Readers can find out more about Curtis Bennett (he writes as C.S.Bennett) at the links below.

He writes political commentary here.  I would describe it as Jeffersonian conservative.

Some of his books:

Beyond the Founding Fathers’ Vision

By George, the Radicals are Back!

America’s Original Radical

The Sacrificial Ram: Taking Down ISIS






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