Author Interview: Blake Gardner

I have the pleasure today to interview Blake Gardner.  Blake is an author I found in the Twitterverse, and while the book we are talking about isn’t solidly in the military genre,  it looked like an interesting variation of a hero’s journey.  Besides, this is my site and I can do whatever I want.

Blake Gardner Profile

YC: Blake, the book is Inhuman Emergence:  Innocence.  What is it about?

BG: Performance enhancing drugs have become more of a reality in professional sports than ever. My book is fiction, science fiction, and the reality of the world I wrote about is far more advanced. The main character, Owen, happens to take a performance drug that gives him abilities far beyond that of a normal human, he becomes a psychic, and is recruited by a large research based PMC (Private Military Corporation).

YC: Is there a message in there, something you’d like readers to take away beyond being simply entertained?

BG: Thomas Jefferson once said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Like many other works of literature, my book echoes a spirit of liberty and justice.

YC:  Tell us more about what you do all day, and your writing process.  How did you go from having an idea for a book to writing one?

BG: I’m just your neighborhood writer, besides my book I contribute to a couple sites regularly. My day is filled with writing and a good amount of caffeine. My process is to sit down and write.  There is always something there, I think I just need to sit at a keyboard and take note of it. How did I start the project? It began out of boredom. The job I had while writing the first novel was not creatively fulfilling so I needed an outlet for my “urges”, which happened to be writing at the time.

Blake Gardner Book

YC: You’ve referred to “The Inhuman Series.”  Is the next one on deck?  What’s next for you?

BG:  My highest priority is my next book, a close second is the tour for Innocence.

YC: Any military connections?

BG:  I do have friends in the military, and I have always supported our armed forces. They have rare courage, which I respect.

YC:  Thanks for contributing to this, Blake.  Readers can find Inhuman Emergence:  Innocence at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

You can also follow Blake on Facebook or Twitter (@BlakeTGardner), or at his website,

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