The Celia Kelly Series – by CN Bring

Today’s guest is CN Bring, author of the Celia Kelly series of military-based action novels.  She and I share quite a bit in common, with connections in the medical profession and law enforcement.  I am honored to host.


YC: Tell us a little bit about your background – who you are, what makes you tick.

CNB: I spent the majority of my life a housewife and mother of four children. I didn’t really start my career until the kids were in high school and nearly gone. I have worked as a dispatcher for the local police department in Livingston, Mt. and a Central Sterile tech in the hospital there. I also have an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice focusing on investigation. A great deal of my family has served in the military, but that does not make me unique.  A lot of families have members who served or are serving today. I feel like that is something I share with others that I meet along the way.

YC: Is there another author that particularly inspires you?

CNB: I love so many authors. I loved Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie growing up. As an adult, Tom Clancy’s first works are a favorite, James Patterson’s Alex Cross and Mary Higgins Clark. I also love research books such as Mind Hunter by former FBI Profiler John Douglas.

YC: “The Pact” is the first in your series of what is so far three books, with a fourth coming out this fall.  Give us a quick summary of what these books are about and why you are writing them.

CNB: I was becoming bored with movies and some of the books I was picking out. I could guess the outcome in the first couple of scenes or chapters. I decided to try to write a story that was a challenge to figure out. Something an audience could investigate along with the hero.  As a Christian, I did a lot of shopping in Christian Bookstores, but I’m not a fan of fluffy romance. So put together a challenging mystery, no profanity, no sex, and no fluff and you get Commander Celia Kelly.  Commander Celia Kelly is a woman of faith and valor who becomes head of intelligence on a mission with a SEAL Team. In the meantime, her husband a fighter pilot has gone MIA without a trace. A great deal of the series is finding out what happened to him. You have conspiracy, murder and suspense.


YC: What makes your series different from other military mystery/suspense?

CNB: My style of writing is different in the way that every book is intertwined with each other.  The last paragraph of each book is the lead in for the next mystery. Also, I think as an author I have a great responsibility. Media doesn’t just reflect society, it influences it. That’s why I feel it’s important to have a clean product. I want the reader to concentrate on the mystery and not be distracted or have to weed through offensive content.

YC: Who is Celia Kelly?  Is she a real person, a fictional character, or a mix of both?

CNB: Commander Celia Kelly is a graduate of Cal tech and The Naval Academy. Her father is head commander for the flight school, United States Navy Strike Fighter tactics Instructor program, known as TOP Gun. She met her husband while attending The Naval Academy, Lieutenant Tom Kelly. They were married a short time when his plane went down over the Mediterranean Sea and was listed MIA. She worked her way up the ranks and landed in The Pentagon as an intelligence officer. My inspiration for the fictional Commander Celia Kelly is every woman I know who is strong, of valor, who perseveres, and finds her faith not just her greatest asset, but her greatest resource.  The woman we all aspire to become!

YC: No spoilers, of course, but get us excited about “The Disappearance,” the fourth book in the Celia Kelly series.

CNB: The newly settled life of Commander Celia Kelly suffers when a seemingly routine flight out of Nairobi becomes an unlikely catalyst. The Deputy Director of the CIA goes missing in Africa. His bags make the plane -he doesn’t. In the meantime, an imposter with an agenda takes another man’s seat for a free trip into the United States. Commander Celia Kelly and the Navy SEALs are called up to find the missing CIA Deputy Director Bradley Turner. While the mission takes action in Africa, the FBI begins an investigation into the mysterious passenger now somewhere in the United States to determine why he is here and what or who his target is. The FBI, Commander Kelly, and the Navy SEALs are set on a collision course as each Agency’s individual research force them into a parallel climax.  With the help of an old opponent from the Pact, CIA operative William Dixon, they come together shocked by what no one sees coming.

CN Bring-The Disappearance 750 x 1200


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You can watch the official trailer for The Pact here.

The first three books in the Celia Kelly series are available now – buy them here on Amazon. 



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