Love in the House of War – by Scott A. Meehan

Today’s guest is Scott Meehan, a veteran author who has chewed some of the same dirt as me.  I am honored to interview him for the site, and I hope you will check out his work.

Yancy: What’s your military background, but more importantly, what do you want my readers to know about you?

Scott:  I served seven years (1980-1987) as an enlisted medic. I went through Special Forces training from September 1980-January 1982 and voluntarily left after getting married and having a son on the way. I left the Army from Berlin in 1987, went to college for a BA degree in secondary education and simultaneously went through the ROTC program (Florida Southern) where I was commissioned as a Military Intelligence officer in 1989. After re-entering the Army as an officer in 1990, I deployed to Desert Storm (1991) and two deployments to Iraq (2003-2004, 2005), before retiring as a Major.

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Currently, I teach computers, business, and math at local colleges and enjoy time with my family: wife, son, daughter-in-law, 8 year-old granddaughter and daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons, ages 3 1/2 and 4 weeks.

Y:  What led/inspired you to write your particular style of books?

S:  My diverse background inspired me. I grew up traveling around the US and Latin America because my parents were missionaries, my dad a jungle pilot. I attended 13 schools in my twelve years, witnessing just about anything you can imagine, cultural wise. Then, I joined the Army and spent twenty-five years traveling around Europe and the Middle East. Thus, my style formulates from a military historical fiction with several genres added, paranormal, romance, thriller, suspense, YA, etc.

Y: Tell us about the latest work, “Love in the House of War.”

Cover-Love in the House of War 

S: “Love in the House of War” is a military historic, romantic-thriller set in post 9/11 Afghanistan. The American response to the horrific events of 9/11 was to dispatch Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) teams, usually consisting of twelve, highly trained Special Forces (Green Berets) soldiers.

Beyond the warfare, this is a story of revelation, love, and salvation when Green Beret medic, Ron Hawkins, saves Afghan nurse, Shararah (Flame) from a Taliban execution. As the two escape from Al-Qaeda led soldiers through the Hindu Kush Mountains, a magical love develops between the two, a love that must hold together in order to survive the evil forces against them.

From the most critical book reviewer: “Unexpected twists! and adventures continue throughout…The last portion of the story was unexpected, heartrending and inspiring.”

Y: Do you ever base characters in your books on real people with whom you have served?

S: Yes, but I cannot say who.

Y: Is there another book in the works? 

S: Yes, the third in the series involving Green Beret, Ron Hawkins and Shararah. Before I tell you about that one, the second (completed), “Flame in Paradise” is due for aSeptember 1 release by the same Publishing company, Tate Publishers. Set twelve years after 9/11, Ron and Shararah are married with three kids. Much of the story surrounds military family life but escalates when Ron is sent on a top secret mission to Iraq where he comes face-to-face with ISIS. So, the third in the series, I’m writing now, is set in 2025. It will focus on Ron and Shararah’s daughter, Asha, now 23. In a futuristic setting and YA characters, the plot involves the highly skilled, highly trained Asha, actively sought after by the CIA, Mossad, and other agencies around the world.

Official coverPicture1

Other works by Scott:

Stone in a Sling: A Soldier’s Journey (Autobiography written under real name-Scott A. Meehan)

Eternal Eye: (Paranormal, first under AL M. SCOTT). A soldier is the only survivor of a shot down C-5 jumbo jet in the desert of Iraq. He wakes from a 3-month coma and discovers the year is 1991. Everything seems the same, family, military unit, history, until he realizes he might be able to stop the looming Oklahoma City bombing, maybe without implicating himself or changing the course of history.

Love in the House of War was released June 16.



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