Mission Veritas – by John Murphy

One of the many fun things about being an author is meeting others – it’s not a competition, since people who read my books are more likely to read others like them.  John Murphy is a Marine, and his son is a Marine.  Anyone who has ever served knows that warriors are warriors, no matter what service, nationality, historical era, or even planet! Murphy was kind enough to provide today’s guest post, so I invite you to take a look, and check out his blog, which probably has the coolest name on the Internet – Armageddon on Toast.

Mission Veritas


A SciFi action adventure by John Murphy

“Candidates for an elite fighting force must qualify on a planet of truth.
Killian must hide his past as a ruthless rebel fighter or risk imprisionment.”

Those of you who know Yancy’s background and follow this blog are accustomed to reading true stories.  I write fiction, science fiction to be specific, but even in fiction, there is some truth.

My personal experiences in the USMC and those of my oldest son, currently a deployed USMC officer, all inspired much of the camaraderie, competition and yes, sometimes pettiness you will see between the characters of Mission Veritas.  If you have served, been part of a fraternity or just work in an office, you will recognize some of the personalities of the story characters.  Even without a “planet of truth”, stress can reveal more about people than they might like others to know!

SpaceDude (1) Another bit of truth, the main character, Vaughn Killian is modeled after my youngest son.  I used his    image and modified it in a 3D software I use to create graphics for the story.  I even borrowed his middle  name, Killian, as surname for the protagonist.

Several readers have remarked about perceived “political overtones” in the storyline of Mission Veritas.  I did not start out to write anything political. I just wanted to write an adventure that did not follow a predefined formula where “big business” is the bogeyman.  Historically, governments are by far the largest oppressors. Over one hundred million deaths have resulted under the unchecked power of communist regimes alone!

If a reader sees ties to present day issues it is likely due to the truism that history repeats itself. No doubt, the twenty-first century will see lots of bloodshed, even perpetrated by governments on their own people. I’m not a wizard, just observant.

Many people think writing is a glamorous profession.  In fact, like many “cool jobs” they are actually a lot of work.  Sure, I’m not digging ditches and there’s something to be said about not having a commute and working with a good cigar.  But there is a craft to writing a compelling story with engaging characters.  I’ve read more books about writing than I have probably any other subject.  With each draft and rewrite I hone my skills to hopefully give you, the reader, a better experience.

I also created a gallery of images to accompany the story which can be seen at www.missionveritas.com.  Presently I’m taking a graphics arts class to continue to develop those skills as well and I’m working on Book Two in the Black Saber series.  I hope you enjoy Mission Veritas and will join us for wherever the adventure will take us!


Mission Veritas is available here.

John Murphy’s blog: Armageddon on Toast

Follow him on Twitter:  @ArmOnToast



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