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Today I took a giant leap into the late 20th century and began this, my own personal website, which I hope to use to connect with my readers, and of course, promote my books…er…I mean book, singular.  Right now there is just one, Northwest of Eden, the true story of my own service caring for wounded personnel in a war zone.

This also happens to be the first anniversary of the publication of that work, which only took seven years for me to write.  I have no frame of reference for bearing children, but it had some similarities – it hurt a lot getting it out, and even after that happened, the work had just started.  I began the next stage of that journey, traveling and talking to people about my story and of course, signing books.  I entered this stage without a foggy clue about what I was doing.  I did a few guest blogs, some online promotion, a few personal appearances, and even got an excerpt printed (with my photo) in the November 2014 issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine.  I had a sell-out signing in my hometown, and was thrilled that so many people I knew were interested in what I had written.

Before long, I was speaking with strangers, too, and I found that Northwest of Eden resonated with veterans, nurses, and their families.  Discussions with veterans were the best part, and a lot of them said the same thing: Thank you for telling my story.  They were grateful that I had taken the time to write it all down, and many had shared it with their loved ones to help them understand.

It was then I knew I couldn’t stop.  I had to tell the stories of other people as well. The “Greatest Generation” is smaller by the day, and the fresh, raw tales from Iraq and Afghanistan need to be told while they are still smoldering.

Since my background was in the medical field, I conceived “Medic!” as an idea to tell a story about a combat medic from each of the living wars: World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan.  I began with Part 4 (Hey, it worked for George Lucas when he wrote Star Wars, so I figured it would work for me).  A long-time friend of mine, Dan, agreed to be the subject of the story, sharing with me in e-mails and phone calls.  The draft got pulverized by my faithful beta-readers and editors, but when it was finished, I knew I couldn’t wait.  I needed to publish Part 4 now, as an e-book.  When I have completed all six parts, I’ll put them all under the same cover and publish the hard copy.

Medic!: Part 4 (Desert Storm) will be available shortly, but for now, welcome to my website, such as it is.  In the coming weeks, I will add photos, original art, and personal insights – and hopefully, build a halfway decent webpage.

I welcome your comments, questions, and most of all, your support.


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6 comments on “Welcome to www.yancycaruthers.com!

  1. Yancy
    Congrats on the new website. I just wanted to let you know, as a colleague how proud I am of you and grateful for your gift of telling our stories. Looking forward to our continues association.

    Allan Folsom

  2. Have told you before and your parents often how proud I am of your life accomplishments…as a nurse and avid reader I am so proud of your gift of getting these thoughts and experiences onto paper! Love your family and so happy for your continued success….God bless you, Sheila

  3. Yancy,

    Thank you for all that you taught me while we served together. It was an honor to serve with you, and thank you for writing your story…


  4. Yancy,
    Everytime I picked up your book I didn’t want to put it down. I first saw the cover and thought oh-no I don’t want to read this but it was filled with humor, passion, surprise and suspense one of my co-workers said well done. Can’t wait for the next one.

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